AutoBeYours welcomes Frontier Auto to Scottsburg

Hello Friends, Im Steve Woodruff, and as I will be working more and more at our Florida store, our shop manager Chris Amis will be assuming all repair operations in 2024.

I will still be responsible for electronic repairs such as touch screens and hybrid batteries.


Let AutoBeYours Save you money on a new repaired toyota

We have already tooled up to repair Toyota hybrids.

those learning curves are in our rear view mirror.

Every week I get a call from a someone who is frustrated with software, or parts cost , or worse purchased parts that dont work.

Ive been there and done that.

How much is your time worth? your marriage? your injury?

we do all that for you and warranty the repair and the car.

if you find our prices are not already below average for a nice hybrid, then contact us and make an offer.

Halloween 2019

Welcome to the new and improved AutoBeYours website

secure, and mobile device friendly

with 4 major product pages for you to find

  • rebuilt hybrid cars for sale
  • Prius MFD repair for only 299
  • Hybrid battery pack replacement for less
  • Prius repair and service