Prius Hi Speed Stealth conversion information

Fitting your vintage Prius II to a high-MPG Plugin Hybrid

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles are called PHEV’S

  • A Prius PHEV’s cost about 55 cents to recharge.
  • A better Lithium Iron Phosphate ( LiFeP04) battery pack is about $10900. and lasts 10 years.
  • Your car will get 80 to 120 MPG when the extra battery pack is charged.
  • How long the charge lasts depends on how fast and how long your drive. Typical results are ~40 miles
  • You can also drive our PHEV converted Prius cars at speeds up to 75 MPH
  • Contact us 812-820-5050 or to discuss out PHEV Conversion options.

Do you modify existing Prius cars that haven’t been crashed with a larger NiMh battery pack?

Yes, or Lithium

How far will it go on a charge?

That depends on speed, 10 miles to 40 miles depending on the Size and Chemistry of the new pack

How much does it cost?

New info:
The new AutoBeYours battery pack for 9,995.00

Why the large price difference?

  • The least expensive PHEV kits (from Enginer) add additional current into the stock pack via an inverter.This does not allow all electric mode at speeds above 32 mph.
  • The kits from Plug in Supply allow speeds up to 52 MPH in all electric mode. ( new info now 70 mph)
  • All kits allow ” blended mode” driving with improved gas mileage. Blended mode allows the Internal Combustion Engine (I.C.E.) to assist when needed.

What happens when the new Battery pack becomes depleted?

The Prius reverts back to original mode just like before the pack was installed..achieving about 47 mpg ( less in freezing weather).

Which kit to you Recommend?

( ours of course!)

  • We should talk to determine your usual drive… Are you able to Charge at work?,
  • I need to drive 80 miles one way, how much will it cost to make my Prius go that far on battery alone?
  • More than 21,000. Phev conversions are best suited for commuters until the cost of Batteries comes down.

How much is one of your cars plus the PHEV conversion?

As little as 19,000.00

Are there any testimonials?

Bill Moore talks about his Plug-in Conversions (PICC) Prius