Repair Service for Toyota Prius MFD Touchscreen

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Shipping Instructions

Ship to:

861 S. Gardner
Scottsburg IN 47170

Please include a note with your contact information an email address and what is wrong with your MFD.

For example: “Buttons on the glass do not work.” or “Screen is blank, or will not turn on.”

Make sure your MFD is packed well enough to survive the ride over to us. We suggest double boxing.

Please do not use newspaper as packing material as it does not offer proper protection. It is “best” practice to double box your unit for maximum protection.

MFD’s arriving with hairline cracks cause extra work and can be prevented by careful packaging.

You will get an invoice via email when we get the unit, simply click the “Pay Now” button on that invoice.

The invoice will be emailed to you.  Because we subscribe to an accounting service, (Sometimes this gets flagged as spam.)

We accept credit cards by phone, PayPal, and personal checks. We will send an invoice via email.

Florida and Indiana customers call for local repair options.

please note we do not ship outside the USA because of lost packages issues in the past

new feature, prepay or pay after we receive it by visiting our online store here

Prius Flat Rate MFD Repair with 12 Month Warranty!

Touchscreen Misalignment, Cracked Glass, and Black Screen Repair for:

  • Toyota Prius
  • Lexus LS430, SC430, RX330
  • Land Cruiser

We repair both nav and non nav units! We now repair “DEAD” screens!

  • Does your display say something like “External device not connected”?
  • Does it respond very slowly to button presses?
  • Is it DEAD or intermittent?
  • Does the touch screen not work?
  • please note that we no longer have replacement LCD’s for the non backup camera MFD’s  that means if your 2004 or 2005 prius has a ” sunburn” in the middle of the glass, we can not repair it due to no parts available.  (yes, we do have parts for the MFD’s with the backup camera)
  • note that good used lcd screens are very rare and we now offer oem replacement, there is an upcharge for this of 59 dollars.  you get a new digitizer and the screen behind it for 384.  if this is an option for your repair we will contact you.( remember you need to include your email address)

For example, if you press the glass and it does not respond correctly, then we call this a touchscreen( digitizer) failure. It is most commonly caused by heat or the sun and is not a software issue.

Important! Remove any iPhone or Sat radio interface and test your MFD again before sending it for repair.

Remember! Please include your name and the symptom in the box that you ship to us.

Upon receipt at our shop

You will receive an invoice via email when we get the unit, simply click the “Pay Now” button on that invoice. (The invoice will be sent to you as soon as we check in the unit.)


The invoice will have the name and a subject line of “new invoice from autobeyours” because we subscribe to an accounting service.

This may go to your spam folder. Check spam folder for the email.

After the repair is completed

After it is repaired and tested, you will receive USPS tracking information, this is how you will know it is on the way back to you.

(Paying by phone instead may prevent or delay online tracking due to NO EMAIL address associated with payment)

Apple users usually find our invoice to be flagged as spam we dont know why

View the Removal Instructions.

In a hurry? Ready to ship it now? View our condensed instructions.

please use caution with the vents they are easy to crack

  • Removal instructions are as follows:

  • First remove this phillips screw

  • Then remove the left vent

    ( If you wrap your screwdriver with tape, it is less likely to scratch the plastic)

  • Then remove this screw, and pop the lower dash panel out towards the steering wheel.

  • Observe the Yellow clips on the corners

  • Pull the top dash panel off and unplug the power button like this.

    (this will not harm your car or set trouble codes)

  • Remove the vent by pulling out like this.

  • Remove the cover

  • Unplug the Park switch like this.

  • remove the vent to the right of the MFD also.

  • Now remove the two 10MM bolts that hold the MFD in place and pull it out firmly.

  • Please do not remove the black plastic bezel, we will do it here.

  • Use extreme caution

  • the acc fuse must be good for the MFD to work

View the Removal Instructions Video.

In a real big hurry? View the 2 minute removal instructions.

Q: Can I still drive the car with the MFD removed?

A: Yes! You may use the steering wheel controls for some functions.

Q: How long does the work take?

A: 1-3 days plus shipping. Warranty repairs generally take a little longer because we have to do more in depth fault checking.

Q: Is there anything not covered by warranty?

A: Yes, but just cracked screens from either fists, or suction cups.

Q: Do you accept PayPal?

A: Yes, It’s actually the easiest way to pay as our invoice has a built in PayPal button. Please, note that  invoices often go to spam folders.

Q: What about Master Card?

A: Yep, if you can’t get it to work online, or don’t want to, you can call us at 812-752-5050 to process it over the phone.

Q: Do I have to call before sending my MFD?

A: Nope, but you can if you want to. We’d actually prefer communication to come through email for your and our records.( but put the failure in the box on the unit) they all look alike by the time they reach the technician

Q: I have re-soldered my MFD and it’s still not working. Can I send it to you?

A: Short answer, no. Long answer, we can’t warranty the repair if we’re not sure that it is our repair that has failed. We tried it for a while, but home repaired units have a failure rate so much higher than ones that haven’t been that we don’t feel that we can over the quality of service that we strive for on previously repaired units.

Q: Do you re-solder the connections on the MFD’s?

A: We do component level repairs including replacing surface mounted caps and soldering. However, that is just a small part of the repair that we offer. There is information floating around about re-soldering connections that is not only outdated, but wrong in the first place.

Q: Can you replace glass from a crack caused by a suction cup?

A: Yes! That is actually one of the most common reasons for why the touch screen cracks. It looks like such a good place for a mount of some sort, but a suction cup will usually break the glass. We do not cover this for warranty repairs.

Q: I just got my MFD back and it still doesn’t work?!

A: Unplug any outside interface before returning it to us. Siris XM, iPhone connectors, and after market radios seem to affect the MFD’s and can be siphoning data from them in unexpected ways. We test the MFD’s rigorously for multiple hours and at least 3 quality control technicians have to confirm that it is working before we send it out. You may also make sure that the bezel is not causing phantom button presses. If none of that works, we believe the probably cause is delivers mishandling of product and are of course willing to repair it again for free under our warranty.

Q: Are you repairing 2006 thru 2009 MFD’s?

A:  Those have actually become the main models that we fix. We can fix it not powering broken glass. We of course still fix 04-05 displays and we have branched out to Landcruiser and Lexus screens. Please call if you’re not sure if we can fix your touchscreen.

Q: How should I ship the MFD to you?

A: A very common issue for us is broken bezel from mishandling during shipment.

We recommend bubble wrap and boxing it in a medium priority USPS box, and then placing that in a large flat rate box ( double boxing) That’s how we’ll be sending it back to you.

Q: I haven’t heard back from you about my MFD that I sent over a week ago?

A: Please check your spam folder for our invoice. Our most common cause for time delays are actually people not including their email or phone number in the box. Second most common is just that we didn’t get the MFD in the mail. This most common is out invoice program going into hyperactive spam folders. Please give a couple of days before calling to give us time to repair. We prefer to communicate though email. ( check your spam filter for an email from

Please send your emails to us at

(please include a note with your contact information an email address and whats wrong )

Q: Do you repair 2010 and newer MFD’s?

A: Not yet, we’ll update this page when we find solutions.

Q: Does it ever cost more than $299?

A: Only if there’s a large problem caused by mishandling the MFD. We will of course contact you if further payment is required for authorization.  We can count on one hand how many times this has had happen in nearly 20 years of Electronics service.

Q: Will I get return tracking information?

A: Yes, especially if you use the PayPal link in our invoice for payment. Please make sure your address is correct in your PayPal, or it will give us that address to send to you. It takes a little longer to email you tracking information if you pay by credit card.

Q: The vent broke when I removed it. Do you have them?

A: Infrequently, they are in high demand. However, when we do have them, they cost $125 and we add it into the same box as your MFD with no extra shipping cost to you. New info get them on ebay for 29 bucks ( summer 2022) not me, not my part, no, I wont give you a link.

Q: Do you buy broken MFD’s and if so, for how much?

A: Yes, we do. We pay $60 plus shipping delivered to us for part numbers ending in 47220 and 47260 .

Q: What did you replace in my MFD, and what made it go bad?

A:  That’s a good question, but we don’t know why it failed after only 11 years in the hot sun.

We want you to be happy with our service.

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